Silicone Baking Paper

Silicone Baking Paper

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China silicone baking paper (baking parchment paper) manufacturer and supplier. The silicone baking paper (baking parchment paper) is our company’s new environmentally friendly paper aimed at improving health and food sanitation. Both sides of baking paper are processed by silicon oil, so that it is oil-proof, water-proof, anti-sticking and resistant against high temperature. Thanks to these features, it is suitable for baking, grilling, steaming and freezing foods and it is necessary in a kitchen.

For Grilling:

1. Our silicone baking paper can prevent vegetables and meat from sticking to the grilling pan and avoid poisonous substance which is produced due to partial charring so as to save you from repeated change of pans and continuous washing of pans. You need only to change several pieces of baking paper for one meal, which is both clean and convenient.
2. Avoid oil splashing and burning.

3. Keep the food tender, juicy and delicious.

For Baking:
1. No need to brush oil or wash baking pans, very clean.
2. It is convenient for batch processing since food remains intact, does not stick to pans or get burnt.
3. It can be used repeatedly according to specific situations.
4. It is easy to operate, time-saving and energy-saving and brings great convenience to families and enterprises.
5. Indispensable ingredients for cooking.
6.Our paper also can be used for wrapping fresh meat,meat,vegetables&fruits before they are put in the fridge. It is convenient for you to take out whatever you want.
Main Technical Parameters of Silicone Baking Paper (Baking Parchment Paper)
Qualitative Data 40g/m2±2g/m2
Pulling Force >=2KN/m
Thickness 0.04mm
Peeling Force <=150N
Temperature-resistance time 230-20minutes

Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co,.Ltd is a professional silicone coater of paper in China. We primarily offer a variety of silicone coared paper and uncoated food wrapping paper which is widely used in food baking,cooking,freezing and wrapping industry. We possess 17 years’ experience of producing,selling and serving. Our company ‘s products have been exported to South-east Aisa, America, Australia and European countries.
If you need silicone baking paper, Please contact now, we are pleased to provide you a perfect anti-sticky solution.

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