Oven Paper

Oven Paper

Company Name:Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co., Ltd.

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Address:Zhongtai street,Yuhang,Hangzhou,China

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The oven paper, is made of wood pulp, coated with food grade silicone. It features in smoothness, high-heat resistance and non- stick, etc. The brightness of oven paper is over 88. The sizing value of oven paper is above 0.8.Its strength is more than 3000. Along with its compactness of 1 as well as its low water absorption, oven paper is the optimum choice for food packaging industry and baking industry, e.g. The oven paper can be used in baking bread, chicken-toasting and cake making, etc.

Qualification of Oven Paper

1. Approved by SGS/FDA,Kosher,Reach.

2. Our ovenable paper has met the requirements as food grade product.

3. We enjoy a great number of related patents.

Company brief:

To produce the numerous papers, including oven paper, we possess a series of state-of–art equipments: six slitters, two presses, twelve slicing machines and a few rewinding machines,Besides, our staffs, including our excellent technicians are our treasures. It is with their assistance that we can establish ourselves in the composites industry and oven paper production field. In a word, our equipments and our staff guarantee us the capability to customize the products. For more information about the oven paper, please feel free to contact us.

GSM 30-60gsm,38/40gsm standard
Material 100% virgin wood pulp
Coating Double sides silicone coated
Certificates FDA/SGS,ISO9001,QS
Colour White/unbleached brown
Features Greaseproof,non-stick,high-temperature resistance to 230℃-20min
Application For food baking/cooking,freezing,steaming and wrapping
Regular Size Sheets:400x600mm,410x760mm,450x750mm
Small Rolls:30cmx5m/15m,38cmx10m/15m,45cmx100m
Jumbo Rolls: 600mm-1200mm
OEM OEM available

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