Air Fryer Parchment Paper Liners

Air Fryer Parchment Paper Liners

Company Name:Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co., Ltd.

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Address:Zhongtai street,Yuhang,Hangzhou,China

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Air fryer parchment paper liners is made of food-grade double-sided silicone parchment paper to strict quality standards and to ensure maximum retention of grease and other impurities in the airfryer, it is non-stick, waterproof and oil-proof. High temperature resistance up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, maintaining integrity and aesthetic appearance of bread, meats, vegetables and snacks etc, and it has no effect on the taste of the food. Make the cleaning easier and enjoy the cooking time.

A variety of sizes and combinations are fine to us, rounds, squares, white colour, unbleached brown colour, even can customize the sizes you want.

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