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Steamer Paper

Steamer paper is a food cooking paper with properties of non-stick, waterproof and greaseproof. It is a double-side,silicone-coated greaseproof paper. Its features are smoothness, uniformity, good transparency and resistance to high heat. Thanks to these features, the steamer paper can endure 230℃ for 20 minutes. Therefore, steamer paper is an optimum choice for steaming and it can be used repeatedly.

Steamer Paper

Our steamer paper is produced in strict accordance with the FDA standard. As for its size, it can be customized. You name it, we can do it.

Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co., Ltd is China based manufacturer and supplier of food packing paper, include steamer paper. Our equipments and our staff guarantee us the capability to customize the steamer paper. With concern to our composites for industry, it encompasses silicone coated, release, CCK and glassine paper as well as steamer paper.

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